"JAHKIL CULTURE" is a manifestation of the arts and other phenomena of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively, through the filter of street fashion, history, architecture and design.

 Established in 2016, we are a NYC based, father-son tandem, high end streetwear brand. We mend conceptual artistry with trendy fashion in an effort to encourage a culture of spirituality, love, and enlightenment.

The reoccurring theme or social message in which is being relayed by the youth to the world is CULTURE. Throughout our music, art, and television, we can see we are entering a period of cultural awareness. There's an uprising amongst the youth of today. Where a vast number of young entrepreneurs are using their personal/business as a means to spark their own social and cultural awareness. The youth of today are revolting against the ways of yesterday. 


JAHKIL CULTURE plans to be at the forefront of this social revolution.