Jamar Clarke

This past Summer, the JAHKIL team conducted an impromptu interview on Canal St., while shooting their campaign for a summer release. Featured on "Ebony Amateurs", upcoming blog/youtube page based out of Tennessee, as they were in the midst of developing content and took some time to get to know more about the brand.


What are some of your main focuses as a brand?

Ty answers, “We want to restore that feeling of genuine craftsmanship and identity”.


What are the long term goals of the brand?

 “[JAHKIL Culture plans to] basically restore a sense of spirituality and awareness amongst our people, and amongst the youth,” Ty explains. He continues, “There’s this crowd, there’s this demographic of the youth, [and] they’re just ready to fuck shit up. They need a certain type of tailored guidance and we just wanna serve that purpose. That’s the culture."



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