Jamar Clarke

JAHKIL CULTURE STOPS IN THE MECCA TO SPEAK WITH SA NETER & BLACK NEWS     Sa Neter is the one of the founding fathers of the Black Consciousness Movement in Harlem, New York. Entities like “Sa Neter TV” and “Sa Neter Studios” are channels of his where people have access to video content about black ancestry and philosophy. On 125th Street & Garrison Avenue,  he and other elders sell books, merchandise, and hold debates. Tyheim Jahkil (Owner/Creative Director) and Akeil (Father, CEO) got in depth about the brand’s foundation with Sa Neter and Brother Smalls from Black News 102 during their...


Jamar Clarke

This past Summer, the JAHKIL team conducted an impromptu interview on Canal St., while shooting their campaign for a summer release. Featured on "Ebony Amateurs", upcoming blog/youtube page based out of Tennessee, as they were in the midst of developing content and took some time to get to know more about the brand.   What are some of your main focuses as a brand? Ty answers, “We want to restore that feeling of genuine craftsmanship and identity”.   What are the long term goals of the brand?  “[JAHKIL Culture plans to] basically restore a sense of spirituality and awareness amongst...


Tyheim Millin

  We will use our blog as a platform to connect with JAH NATION, through different topics we feel resonates with JAHKIL CULTURE. Every topic from fashion to social awareness, we plan for this to be a forum for us and like-minded folks to converse and articulate ideas and perspectives. We always believed we are more than just a clothing brand. It is deeper than that. Now we're offering a platform to express that free-mindedness.   We will also use this to keep you guys updated with everything that has to do with JAHKIL CULTURE. From our interviews, to release...